With the aim of embarking on other schemes rather than concentrating on ‘traditional’ unionist issues, the GSEA launched the following projects:

  • The Provident Fund

The provident fund was set up in the mid 70’s and which was initially meant for savings for a Retirement Benefit, has, with time turned into a financial institution providing loan facilities to members to cater for loans for exams, health care, housing improvement or wedding expenses at concessionary rates of interests to members.

  • The Benevolent Fund

The benevolent fund was set up in the 70’s to assist members and their families financially during funeral time.

  • The Cooperative Credit Union

The cooperative credit union was meant to promote the economic and social interest of its members in accordance with cooperative principles.

  • Rent of Multi-purpose Hall

The multi-purpose hall of GSEA is given at 50% discount to members who wish rent for any purpose.

  • Membership Cards

Membership fidelity cards were introduced to help raise the standard of living of members whereby the cards enable them to benefit from discounted prices at a series of stores.